RDi has an extensive background implementing and integrating hundreds of Magento projects.

Both Magento Community and Enterprise versions are in our portfolio. In 2015 RDi was selected to build the first Magento 2 POS integration in the United States. Our POS integration with Magento is highly customizable.

RDi offers full loop integration to Magento and Magent 2 for Retail Pro POS Version 8, 9 and Prism, NCR CounterPoint POS and Smyth Retail’s Merchant Plus Retail Management Systems. RDi’s “ICE” family of integration products are built to give the retailer complete control over the creation and maintenance of the inventory catalog navigation of their website and merchandise products for e-commerce from an easy to use interface as well as provide a complete order fulfillment process. We are Magento POS integration experts trusted by retailers and POS providers globally.


  • Sync physical store inventory from POS to Magento and Amazon
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry, enter items once in POS and send to Magento
  • Automatically download Magento sales orders into POS for fulfillment and reporting
  • Magento POS integration eliminates manual data entry & the risk associated with re-keying data



1000+ Integrations and Counting, 500+ Websites Built

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RDi supports most Magento key features out of the box through Retail Pro, NCR Counterpoint and Smyth Retail’s Merchant PLus integration with more features planned. If you don’t see what you want, ask as we continually add to the list.


Key Standard Integration Features:


  1. Support for Returns
  2. Gift Cards instore and online
  3. Inventory by location, pick-up in store or deliver from store
  4. Dynamically maintain the catalog structure and product assignments
  5. Support for creating and updating configurable and simple product relationships
  6. Support for creating and maintaining attributes through integration
  7. Flexible mapping to set visibility, back order and out of stock messaging
  8. Mapping for Product images, title, long descriptions, type, vendor, weight, taxable
  9. Mapping for Product Meta description and URL and Handle
  10. Automatic site synchronization of product availability, pricing, orders, and customers
  11. Synch customers with the POS and Magento
  12. Fulfill in Magento or third party and download invoices or fulfill in the POS and download orders
  13. Update order statuses after shipping, auto capture funds, auto generate shipped order e-mails
Retail Pro Magento

This is by no means a complete list of integration features. The best way to uncover the power of this integration is to arrange to see a demonstration.


Please contact us by EMAIL or calling our sales line at 503-644-5301 ext 152.

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