P.O.S. Integrations

RDi is the most experienced, flexible and collaborative provider of e-commerce integration products and services in the world. RDi’s unique approach has been helping retailers succeed online and get synchronized with their retail management systems since 2002. Our goal is to meet each retailers needs of e-commerce not fit them into our box.


RDi integrates the most popular web platforms of the day, Magento, Shopify, Amazon, Woo Commerce and others to the most popular Retail Management Systems of the day Retail pro, NCR CounterPoint and Smyth Retail’s Merchant Plus. RDi’s proven processes give each retailer an experience tailored to them. Our mantra is Here to Help and we live by it.


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RDi’s “ice” suite of integration products are the engine that drives our successful e-commerce integrations

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There are many additional integrations features available than what is listed above. Please reach out to request more info or better yet a demonstration.

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RDI’s offerings include


  1. Building and delivering e-commerce websites
  2. Providing elegant integration between retailer’s retail management systems and their e-commerce platforms
  3. Providing order fulfillment solutions that enhance the picking, packing, shipping and tracking of orders
  4. Helping retailers sort out their e-commerce strategy

We at RDi have experience with virtually every type of retail market. We have the right solutions and the depth of experience to help you get and succeed online. Please CONTACT US to learn more about growing your business in a way that is working for our 800+ clients.

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