Retail Pro eCommerce Integration

Retail Dimensions’ “Ice” family of integration products integrates the most popular eCommerce platforms of the day to all currently released versions of Retail Pro. This means that, with our platform, your Retail Pro POS system can easily get up and running as an integrated POS with whatever eCommerce platform you choose. Need help picking one? Just ask.


Retail Dimensions’ integration products are designed to continuously give the Retail Pro retailer the best omni and multi channel experience available. This not only gives your customers a better experience but makes it easier and more cost effective to manage your entire business. Open the door to more sales channels today with Retail Dimensions’ (RDi).

We have the Retail Pro Certifications to back it up.

  • Retail Pro Alliance Partner
  • The Charter member of the Retail Pro Certified Development Partner Program
  • The preferred eCommerce choice of Retail Pro Business Partners

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Why RDi is Best for Retail Pro Integration

Introduction to the RDice™ eCommerce Integration System

Retail Pro e-commerce offers a comprehensive solution for integrating Retail Pro with one or more online customer-driven sales channels. Its flexible design enables using some of the most powerful e-commerce platforms today to drive the front end sites, while Retail Pro drives the back end management.


With RDice, we’ve become the leading provider of POS / eCommerce integration services for retail business owners — just like you — for over 15 years. Contact us today to see how we can get you up and running fast.

Platforms supported: Magento, X-cart, Shopify, Prestashop, Amazon, WooCommerce, & many more.

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We’ve done this long enough to know that every business owner needs unique solutions to get the most out of their integration and keep business running smoothly. With that in mind, we’ve created a robust integration engine that can be suited to fit almost anybody’s needs. Here’s a sample of our horsepower.

  • Enter items once in Retail Pro and have them available both in-store and the web.
  • Combined reporting showing all sales or broken out by channel.
  • Fulfill directly from Retail Pro using familiar sales order workflows.
  • Automatic site synchronization of product availability, pricing, orders, and customers.
  • Web customers added to Retail Pro (and matched if already existing).
  • Product catalog with unlimited hierarchy.
  • Item styles combined into web product with drop-downs to select attributes.
  • Multiple item images per product.
  • Product long descriptions.
  • Regular price and promotional sales price levels.
  • Retail Pro Price Manager can be used to control price level changes.
  • In-store and the web can use different item price levels.
  • Source locations – choose from which location(s) product quantities will be drawn.
  • Item availability – optionally disable items no longer in stock, or keep it for sale.
  • Pick up in store – optionally show store quantities and enable customers to reserve and purchase items in store.
  • Product catalog, availability, and pricing can vary by channel.
  • Web orders can have used defined prefix for easy identification.
  • Build and maintain the catalog navigation of your website including
  • Categories & Sub-category structure – unlimited levels
  • Bulk product assignments to categories & sub-categories through flexible filtering options
  • Set up long description fields through the use of a full html editor
  • Assign meta and product tags
  • Do word mapping to turn abbreviated data into e-commerce display ready data
  • Set exclude style or product flags
  • Set threshold level sell-to’s by product
  • Set Out of Stock Messaging
  • Dynamically maintain the available to sell number every minute
  • Dynamically update price changes to the site by manipulating prices in Retail Pro
  • Create new customers in Retail Pro from Web orders
  • Identify precious customers placing new orders
  • Create new orders in Retail Pro from orders taken online
  • Report separately or consolidate reporting for online sales and the stores in Retail Pro
  • Orders are imported with shipping method, shipping price, fees, taxes, pricing, discounts and tenders
  • If orders are to be fulfilled in Retail Pro create Sales Orders
  • If a retailers chooses to fulfill from the website or a third party shipping software connected to the site import orders as receipts into Retail Pro
  • For Sales Orders imported into Retail Pro, once shipped updates the order status on the website to Complete, auto-generates the shipped confirmation e-mail to the customer and captures the funds on the purchase.
  • Full end to end hand holding during implementation
  • No labor required on your web developer’s end to support the integration
  • Flexible mapping of data between Retail Pro and Magento – do the functions that make the most sense to you where you want to do them. You are not forced into a box
  • Full multiple image module
  • Pick up at store – find at store
  • Use Gift cards in store and online (Payment gateway dependent)
  • Gift registry add-on available
  • Returns processing
  • Partial shipments
  • Custom add-on module development available

RDi’s approach to integration is loosely coupled giving the retailer the greatest flexibility possible in keeping Retail Pro synchronized with their web platform.

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The eCommerce Platform Integrations You Need

Retail Pro Shopify Integration

RDi’s RDice platform works seamlessly with Shopify and Retail Pro to integrate your POS system with one of today’s most popular online shopping engines. Let us help you get your online and brick-and-mortar businesses linked up and running strong together. Together, Shopify and Retail Pro can be a powerful combination for your company.


Retail Pro Magento Integration

Magento sites tend to be complex and deeply customized when built. This can make integration with Retail Pro and other POS systems difficult for business owners and can prevent operational ease when botched. Our powerful RDice integration platform links Magento and Retail Pro seamlessly and gets you back to business.


Retail Pro WooCommerce Integration

Retail Pro and WooCommerce can work well together when integrated properly. Let RDi take over your integration efforts and get your online and brick and mortar businesses running smoothly together. We have years and years of experience integrating WooCommerce and Retail Pro with one another and we’re ready to take on your business.


Retail Pro X-Cart Integration

Over 35,000 online stores operate using X-Cart and many of those also run real world storefronts with Retail Pro handling their POS needs. We help these two sides of the business work well together. RDi has plenty of experience integrating X-Cart with Retail Pro and we look forward to helping you get perfectly set up as well.


Other Integrations

No matter what eCommerce platform you choose, we’ve probably seen it. Our powerful integration engine works well with Retail Pro and that’s why so many other retail businesses have chosen RDi as their integration partner. Get in touch today and we’ll get you started next.