Shopify to POS Integration

Whether you want a site built on Shopify or only need to integrate to your POS system RDi is Here to Help.

Shopify is a budget conscious choice for the boutique retailer that doesn’t require the omni-channel elegance of open source integration. RDi is as comfortable providing a site on Shopify standalone or if you are using Retail Pro RDi has integration available to all versions. The Shopify integration is designed to automate the task of keeping the product selection and availability fresh on your Shopify site as well as bringing orders from the site into Retail Pro without the need to rekey them thus making it easier and more cost-effective to manage your entire business.

RDi’s Shopify integration is powered by RDI’s “ice” family of integration products that provides a comprehensive solution for integrating Retail Pro with online customer-driven sales channels. Its powerful feature set enables using some of the most powerful e-commerce platforms today, Shopify included, to drive the front end sites, while Retail Pro drives the back end management.

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Retail Pro Magento 1
Retail Pro Shopify 1


  1. Create new products in Retail Pro > creates new products in Shopify
  2. Update quantities and prices for existing products on Shopify
  3. Web sales reported separately in Retail Pro
  4. Web orders can have user defined prefix for easy identification
  5. Fulfill directly from Retail Pro using familiar sales order workflows
  6. Web customers added to Retail Pro (and matched if already existing).
  7. Item styles combined into web product with drop-downs to select attributes.
  8. All product data sent that Shopify’s API will allow
  9. Regular price and promotional sales price levels.
  10. Retail Pro Price Manager can be used to control price level changes.
  11. In-store and the web can use different item price levels.
  12. Source locations – choose from a location or all locations to draw product quantities from
  13. Item availability – optionally disable items no longer in stock, or keep it for sale.

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