If you use WooCommerce as your e-commerce platform and are using Retail Pro RDi is Here to Help you get connected up.

Woo Commerce is an increasingly popular choice as an e-commerce platform for the small retailer just getting started in e-commerce. Woo is an open source model with a developing community of providers that supply Woo Commerce sites and build extensions for it. RDi offers the same rich catalog and order integration between Retail Pro and Woo Commerce as it does to Magento.


RDi’s WooCommerce integration provides a comprehensive solution for integrating your P.O.S. with online customer-driven sales channels. The integration is designed to automate the task of keeping the product selection and availability fresh on your WooCommerce site while keeping your order fulfillment process efficient and customers synchronized between Retail Pro and Woo.

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RDi supports most WooCommerce key features out of the box through Retail Pro integration with more features planned. If you don’t see what you want, ask as we continually add to the list.


Key Standard Integration Features:


  1. Dynamically maintain the catalog structure and product assignments
  2. Support for products with multiple attributes i.e. size, color, dimension……
  3. Support for creating and maintaining attributes through integration
  4. Flexible mapping to set visibility, back order and out of stock messaging
  5. Mapping for Product images, title, long descriptions, type, vendor, weight, taxable
  6. Mapping for Product Meta description and URL and Handle
  7. Automatic site synchronization of product availability, pricing, orders, and customers
  8. Synch customers with the POS and WooCommerce
  9. Fulfill in WooCommerce or third party and download invoices or fulfill in the POS and download orders
  10. Update order statuses after shipping, auto capture funds, auto generate shipped order e-mails

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