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When retailers search for an ecommerce platform to expand their business online, finding a software service that offers enough flexibility to grow with their business is the number one quality that can’t be compromised. They need their ecommerce stores to respond to new technologies and the challenges of a constantly changing ecommerce marketplace. Fortunately, one of the most widely used ecommerce platforms has addressed those needs with a highly flexible, easy to use Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. 

BigCommerce has created “out of the box” solutions that places its clients’ brands right in front of online customers where they go to search, review, and purchase products. Their innovative tools and dedicated support help retailers meet the demands of a changing virtual market. Furthermore, they work in conjunction with their partners, such as Retail Dimensions, to ensure the technology needed to create a seamless connection between their traditional point of sale (POS) system and their ecommerce platform is in place, working efficiently, and is ready to innovate when needed.

Let’s begin with some background on this user-friendly ecommerce platform provider.  

“Retail Dimensions was the first integration service provider to work with BigCommerce and our collaboration has allowed us to customize better solutions and streamline integrations more effectively for our clients.”

BigCommerce; an ecommerce platform born on the internet

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During a chance meeting in an online chatroom in 2009, founders Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper discovered they had a shared mission. They wanted to help online merchants sell more during every stage of business growth. Together, they went on to create an ecommerce platform that not only grows with retailers; it is tailor-made for busy retailers who want to sell across market channels without losing the oversight they have throughout their combined business of brick-and-mortar and online stores. They achieved this goal by designing a powerful ecommerce platform that enables retailers to work with outside technology and deliver the time and cost benefits that can support a business’s growth.

Now based in Austin, Texas, BigCommerce allows retailers to take the driver’s seat when they build their online stores. Their software is developed around the mantra “build, innovate, and grow,” and it has driven them to create an easy to use, cost effective hosting platform that can now claim over $25 billion in revenue for retailers in more than 120 countries around the world. 

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BigCommerce allows retailers to take the driver’s seat when they build their online stores.
Successful integration since 2003. Longer than anyone.

Let’s show you how it works for your business.

The Retail Dimensions, BigCommerce Relationship

Retail Dimensions has been partnering with BigCommerce since 2018 and have recently earned their Preferred Partner status. Throughout our relationship they have provided us with the training to learn new technologies developed by their team and an open-door policy to support as we build the bridge between our clients’ traditional streetside stores and their online store. 

Retailers who come to us to build an integration between their POS and online stores often want our take on what they can expect from their relationship with BigCommerce. Below, we answer the top three questions we hear from our clients.

Can a Retail Dimensions integration tool grow alongside BigCommerce to support my retail business?

Retail Dimensions was the first integration service provider to work with BigCommerce and our collaboration has allowed us to customize better solutions and streamline integrations more effectively for our clients. They’ve provided advanced features and resources for their partners as their own services have grown. 

Retail Dimensions has responded to these developments with RD-Ice, an integration tool that is designed to give our clients fast and accurate data transfer, which empowers the retailer to take advantage of new technology early and gain traction in an increasingly competitive online marketplace. 

Our record of success with BigCommerce has elevated us to become their only Certified Integration Service Provider. This underscores the trust BigCommerce places in our ability to create seamless integration systems. Our integration tool helps retailers grow without compromising their ecommerce site’s functionality or the online security they require for their business, as well as for the protection of their customers’ data. In return, BigCommerce provides us with learning and training opportunities to equip our team with a roadmap to a successful integration that fits the needs of the client, whether those sales come from an app, social media, or an in-store interface. 

How does an RD-Ice integration make my company more competitive in the ecommerce marketplace? 

Providing the retailer with complete oversight of their business instead of several fractured views gives them the oversight necessary to streamline every process needed during fulfillment. From ordering, to processing the transaction; retailers require a continuous, customized integration tool created specifically for the unique needs of each individual business. It is one of the foundation blocks that provides the type of sound structure a business needs to be transparent and instinctual for the retailer, the employees, and the customer. 

Every retailer can remember a time when they have unexpectedly run out of a top selling product. Imagine if the inventory is automatically updated at the moment the last item was purchased. Your in-store employees will be able to answer your customers’ questions accurately and reorder the product immediately, and your online customers will be provided with that same up-to-date inventory count at the time they place the order. Likewise, the retailer will have the ability to oversee all the updates in their inventory, view customer-facing emails, and check changes in shipping requirements at any point of the day. This comprehensive oversight leaves you with a clear picture of the health of your business.

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Imagine if the inventory is automatically updated at the moment the last item was purchased.

Will an RD-Ice integration support data from the multiple channels offered through BigCommerce? 

The answer to this question is a firm “yes!” 

BigCommerce is a forward-thinking company that takes on emerging technology and works in conjunction with their partners to develop viable solutions for what’s coming next for ecommerce retailers. This is evidenced by their move toward addressing Application Programming Interfaces (API), otherwise known as “headless commerce.” 

Headless commerce is the solution retailers have been seeking to tackle purchases processed through apps, smart devices, in-store interfaces, and smart voice assistants (and the list continues to grow). It allows consumer data to bypass the traditional entry point of an online storefront and, instead, goes straight to backend operations for fulfillment. The data is stored, managed, and delivered without the front-end delivery layer but leaves all functional elements of the online store visible to the consumer. This includes forms, blogs, banners, products, etc. It decouples and removes the gateway into the online store and creates an expressway to the backend so retailers can receive information from a variety of channels more efficiently than if it had been processed through traditional routes.

Retail Dimensions’ integration tool connects with headless commerce in the same way it does with traditional website activity because, as a host company, BigCommerce has made sure that all the necessary pieces are in place to make the integration of a retail business work seamlessly with its ecommerce sister store, regardless of where the data is coming from. Once the integration is complete, retailers find the information they gather from the various channels arrives consistently and reliably in the same form across the board. 

An ecommerce platform for every retailer

BigCommerce is designed for retailers who want to focus their time on running their entire business, not just their online store. It is a robust, low-cost option that lets retailers sell around the world, while still retaining the oversight a conscientious business owner needs to serve their customers well. 

In the true spirit of partnership that BigCommerce is born from, Retail Dimensions and BigCommerce work together to simplify and customize ecommerce solutions for our clients. Our experience with BigCommerce assures us that they will provide our clients with an online store that is an easily manageable, fully automated, with a highly efficient ecommerce platform, and keep them ahead of the next big thing in ecommerce solutions.

About Retail Dimensions, Inc.

Retail Dimensions (RDi) delivers powerful integration solutions that automate data exchange between point-of-sale (POS) and top ecommerce platforms. RDi’s highly customizable integration technology eliminates the need for manual data entry and unifies online and offline operations. RDi is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with business partners across the U.S., Asia, Europe and South America.

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