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Your POS eCommerce Integration “Go To Partner”

RDi’s passion is to simplify business and improve the lives of it’s clients. Through its experience, flexibility and collaborative approach RDi delivers a high quality experience to its clients and business partners world-wide.


Headquartered in Beaverton Oregon, RDi founders Paul Duncan and Kurt Beeken dove into e-commerce in the mid 90’s working with some of the earliest internet startups, 800.com, buy.com and wine.com. While those were well funded venture driven startups Paul and Kurt had the belief that the same depth of service should be available to the general retail community.

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They looked around realizing there was a problem in the retail marketplace where POS companies understood their space and e-commerce platform providers understood their space but there was a real lack of a synergistic connection and understanding of how to make the POS and e-commerce work effectively together. In 2002, RDi was born out of Kurt and Paul’s belief that it takes a special expertise of both the retail brick and mortar side as well the e-commerce side to deliver a high quality integrated e-commerce experience only lately termed omni-channel.


With over 1,000 integration clients and over 500 websites built, RDi is an e-commerce advisor to a wide range of specialty retailers. The company’s proven technical and market expertise simplifies the challenges of e-commerce and integration. By focusing on each retailer’s unique needs and goals, RDi is able to provide a tailored experience to help retailers effectively take control of their e-commerce initiatives giving them the best chance to reach those goals.

As the years have gone by there has been a growth in what Kurt likes to term “Commodity integration providers”. Their goal is to sign you up, establish some data flowing back and forth, give you a training video and leave you on your own while starting the monthly drip from your account. RDi has the belief that the specialty retail market deserves more than that preferring to offer an extremely collaborative and interactive approach with each retailer to make sure they get the best possible experience often for the same price or less.


While RDi’s reputation as the “go to partner” for mid-market e-commerce sites and POS integration was initially built through its work as a premier Retail Pro development partner, the company has expanded to include NCR CounterPoint integration and Smyth Retail’s Merchant Plus integration, they have also performed numerous integrations on a request basis to other Retail Management Systems and look to continually expand their product set. Today the company supports POS integration with Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Amazon.


RDi’s goal is simple…and that is to keep it simple. It makes your life easier. To that extent, they have built-in ways to make your efforts more streamlined as you prepare, implement and maintain your e-commerce presence.

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