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RDi’s Amazon Integration software streamlines selling on

One of the fastest growing channels for online sales on a global scale is Amazon. Many retailers take advantage of selling on through their seller central account. Many of our retailers sell as much or more on Amazon than they do on their branded .com site. Yet, while it is a highly appealing and visible way to increase sales it can be a challenge to feed and maintain your seller central account or fill orders.


When it comes to Amazon integration with a retail management system, there are requirements to be met and issues to be solved to make this a streamlined and profitable process. There are many aspects to Amazon from the creation of new products through templates, updating prices and quantities on existing products to whether the orders are to be filled by the merchant or by Amazon. RDI can help with all of it through an a la carte menu of products and services built over years of experience integrating to Amazon.

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Taming the Amazon integration challenge can be done in a number of ways with the advent of Amazon feeds from different e-commerce platforms.


RDi offers integration to amazon for feeding products to Amazon and returning orders from amazon whether selling FBM or FBA orders directly from all versions of Retail Pro. However keeping up with Amazon’s new and ever changing set of product templates can be challenging. RDi is helping clients solve that challenge in additional ways as well as through a direct connection.


For those using Magento there is a free Magento extension called m2e that will update products to Amazon or ebay from Magento and return orders into Magento from either channel. RDi has several customers using that module having built an extension that allows those updates to be entirely accurate and timely. The retailer pays for one integration to Magento and also gets the benefit of Amazon and ebay as well. RDi’s integration products allow the same approach to be used with Shopify Plus or by connecting to a middleware integration service called Channel Advisor.

Retail Pro Amazon
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Amazon’s product templates are daunting to most retailers. With Amazon’s approach to retail requiring varying templates by niche it has been a complex challenge to build an effective process to enable the retailer to keep those updates timely and accurate. RDi has developed the model for integrating Retail Pro to Amazon.


An a la carte Amazon integration is available so you can choose what fits your business requirements.

Choices include:

Product Update Only Feed

  • Simple Feed to update quantities and prices for items existing on Amazon

New Product Template Feed

  • Creation and maintenance of New Product Templates for several retail niches available
  • Ability to configure to gather all data possible for the POS system
  • A Catalog Manager to quickly assign data in bulk required on the templates not available in the POS system
  • Ability to use additional data from your .com to flesh out the product templates to feed Amazon

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Amazon Order Management

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

  • Download FBA orders into the POS as receipts

Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)

  • Download FBM orders into the POS as orders
  • When FBM orders ship, status notifications return to Amazon to update the order status.

All choices can be run manually or scheduled to run at the right times for your business