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Consulting. Development. Perfection. RDi’s eCommerce development and strategic consulting services make getting online easier than ever.

At this point, there’s no reason to tell you how popular eCommerce is. From clothing to pet food to steaks and even health tests, consumers can and do buy pretty much anything online today. Even when shopping locally, it’s not uncommon for buyers to seek out product and inventory information about a local retailer before a visit. This is what makes eCommerce so important for your business today.


But how do you get started in eCommerce?


Our eCommerce development and consultation services take you from goal to production with ease. We help you select the right eCommerce platform based on budget, size, and other needs and then we make sure that your POS and eCommerce platforms are integrated seamlessly to keep a tab on inventory, products, customers, product specs, and more.


Through our development service, your store gets a beautiful online storefront, thorough order tracking, and a faster launch. Remove the headaches, get what your business needs, and work with RDi.


500+ Websites Built, 1000+ Integrations and Counting

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How Does RDi’s eCommerce Development Plan Help Your Business?

Launching an online store has many considerations. You need to know the platform, know the budget, know tracking goals, know what software needs to work with what software, and know your vision for design that matches your real-world branding. All of this is critical and all of this is what RDi is here to help with.

  1. DECIDE if e-commerce is right for you
  2. Know what RESOURCES you need for e-commerce
  3. Set a realistic BUDGET
  4. Set realistic GOALS once you get into e-commerce
  5. Decide on the RIGHT e-commerce PLATFORM
  6. Know if OMNI OR MULTI-CHANNEL options are right for you
  7. Learn what can be AUTOMATED with your current systems

RDI has launched a new program to help business owners like you understand if e-commerce is a good option and, if so, what to expect. We are the most experienced, flexible and collaborative provider of e-commerce products and services in the world having serviced more than 800 retailers with their e-commerce needs.

Our Online Business Service Guarantees

Business Owner Control

When we develop an eCommerce storefront for a client, we do it knowing that this is an asset they’ll utilize for years (or even decades) to come. At some point you may no longer need RDi’s services and you’ll want to retain control of your site. When we build an online store, we do it with you holding the keys. No extortion or confusing store ownership. It’s all yours.



Your online store’s design is just as important as the look and feel of your brick and mortar store. What a customer sees informs how they perceive your business. Here at RDi, we get that. Our team will work hand-in-hand with your leadership to deliver a beautiful store that fits your exact vision and needs.



Your store has unique needs. You run your business in unique ways that have evolved over time and it’s likely that you need to track orders, customers, discounts and more in unique and personal ways. We understand this and we ensure that the store we build works for your own business processes.



Beyond eCommerce development, RDi’s suite of business services focuses heavily on POS and eCommerce integration. That means we have well over a decade of experience in helping businesses integrate these two critical business assets. We’ll make sure your POS platform integrates seamlessly with your new online store.

Cost Awareness

We know costs are important to you. Every consideration we make has your budget in mind and we’ll help you understand the cost of hosting, platform fees, app fees, and more as they fit into your online store decision making. What we build will fit your budget and leave you excited to start selling online.



Having worked with hundreds of store owners to get online, we know a thing or two about performance improvement. Getting your store online is an investment in increasing sales and customer traction. When working with RDi, you’re not only getting eCommerce development, you’re getting baked-in knowledge of conversion improvement.

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