Executive Bios

Kurt Beeken

Co-Founder and President

Kurt Beeken is a 30 year technology industry veteran combining a broad background of technical and management experience within specific vertical markets. Kurt has the balance to see things from all sides having worked on the software publisher side, spent years as a VAR, acted in a consulting role with customers doing software selections and managed system implementations as a customer. He has worked extensively in the retail, healthcare and transportation verticals.


Kurt’s early technology career focused on building and deploying multi-store retail management systems to retailers all over the US using NCR hardware. Kurt’s early career provided a deep understanding of how a retailer thinks in store and the challenges they face to get good reporting and keep inventory straight.


Kurt’s experience in the 1990’s as CTO for CTR Business systems was focused on software solutions based on Microsoft technologies. Kurt grew a department of 4 to a team of 55 that focused on the development of custom software applications, data warehousing and system integrations. Kurt also managed the group responsible for VAR sales and project delivery for Great Plains, Solomon and Epicor ERP systems. CTR was an early player in the e-commerce space in the mid 1990’s providing the design, development and integration of several early entrants into the e-commerce space.


In the early 2000’s combining with the development manager at CTR, Paul Duncan, Kurt went back to his retail roots and hasn’t looked back since. By 2003 selling online was growing in popularity year after year. Retailers were looking to get online but faced the usual challenges of maintaining inventory control and economizing processes to eliminate errors and reduce manual labor. Retail Dimensions was founded to solve those challenges for retailers using the motto Simplify business, improve lives.


Now over 15 years and 1000 plus e-commerce customers later, Kurt is proud to know that Retail Dimensions is recognized in segments of the retail marketplace worldwide as the premier provider of POS integration and e-commerce integration products and services.

Paul Duncan

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Paul is responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction and leading expansion efforts in product research and development. As Chief Technology Officer, he is focused on providing viable e-Commerce and POS integration solutions for retailers using cost-effective technologies. He also manages the company’s development and support teams, overseeing many of RDi’s e-Commerce and integration projects.

Prior to his current role, Duncan served in various software development and managerial capacities at CTR Business Systems, where he was employed from 1995-2001. After the dot.com era, he started his own development company and partnered with Beeken to deliver a custom e-commerce integration solution to a local retailer. The success of the project led to the founding of Retail Dimensions in 2003.

Duncan received his Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from Victoria University in his hometown of Wellington, New Zealand. Bored with accounting and fascinated by the Personal Computer, he studied Computer Science at Hounslow Technical College in London, U.K.

He traveled extensively throughout America and Europe and after a brief return to New Zealand, decided to settle down and make Portland, Oregon his home.