NCR CounterPoint Magento Integration

Sync Counterpoint POS with Magento

RDi Counterpoint POS eCommerce Connectors simplify eCommerce for brick-and-mortar businesses. POS integration to Magento empowers our clients with out of the box integration capabilities that automate webstore operations. A low-cost, high value solution with everything you need to sync Counterpoint POS inventory with Magento.

  • Make Counterpoint POS the hub of your online business
  • Connect Counterpoint with eCommerce, sync data, and automate manual processes
  • Automatically synchronize POS data between multiple store locations and website
  • Constant integration keeps inventory up to date both online and in-store
  • Full control over product data and Long and short descriptions and photos
  • Fulfill orders from webstore right inside your POS system
  • View information from systems like Shipstation in POS

In 2015 RDi had the honor of being selected to build the very first Magento 2 POS integration in the United States. Staffed by POS integration experts, RDi provides the required analysis to insure all systems properly interface with your POS data processes. Streamline online and offline operations with Counterpoint Magento integration.

You selected a fantastic e-commerce solution in Magento and your storefront runs smoothly with the popular CounterPoint POS system by NCR. The problem? You need them to work together.

Today more than ever, many business owners —  like you — are seeking a quick way to seamlessly integrate their POS and e-commerce platforms together to handle orders, customer profiles, inventory tracking, and more. RDi has been doing this for decades.

With RDi’s integration platform, your store’s Counterpoint POS and Magento e-commerce site will be unified, automatically syncing data 24/7. Our POS integrations can be customized to ensure business operations fit a retailers specific requirements. Our team will help you get integration started and ensure that your exact needs are met to keep your data flowing.

1000+ Integrations and Counting

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Magento Counterpoint integration enables these two systems to talk to each other.

  • Input Products in POS, see them in Counterpoint
  • View web sales in Counterpoint
  • Fulfill your online orders right from Counterpoint.
  • Product availability and inventory sync across both platforms
  • Capture and match online and offline customers in both platforms
  • Supports multiple images on each product
  • Product attributes sync across platform seamlessly
  • Allow in-store pickup for online orders
  • SEO elements included on products within your online store
  • Out of Stock messaging
  • Identify and capture first time buyers online
  • Match price setting in CounterPoint with your Magento site
NCR Counterpoint

Our list of integration features continues to grow. Contact us to uncover the power of our NCR Counterpoint eCommerce integration, schedule a discovery call, see a demo, get a quote including scope of work.

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