NCR CounterPoint Shopify Integration

The simplicity of Shopify meets the power of CounterPoint

Available  2019 – Our Counterpoint POS Shopify integration will insure you never miss a beat.

With 1,000+ POS integrations and counting, RDi is the go-to integration provider for Counterpoint POS eCommerce integration. Since 2008, RDi has been delivering NCR Counterpoint eCommerce integrations to retailers around the globe. We are the leader in unifying brick-and-mortar operations with eCommerce channels. We support Counterpoint e-commerce integration with leading platforms. We integrate NCR Counterpoint with Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and Amazon.

We help your team integrate your sales channels to perfectly track customers, inventory, sales, fulfillment, and much more.

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NCR CounterPoint Shopify Integration

One of ours — and everybody else’s — favorite things about Shopify is how simple it is to get started and beautiful their responsive websites tend to turn out. You’ve got a modern website with mobile purchasing ready to sell your products and customers are — hopefully — flying in. The problem? It can be difficult to get your online orders working nicely with your in-store POS and each POS has unique integration considerations that you’ll need to consider.

Keeping your inventory, customer orders, customer profiles, fulfillment data, product specs, and more updated across sales channels is critical for you as a business owner. Good integration means good insight into how your business is operating, how happy customers are, where your inventory needs an update, and much more. Without knowing — for example — that a customer ordered on Shopify for a product that is already sold out in store, you risk customer satisfaction and a missed opportunity to grow your business. RDi’s Shopify and CounterPoint integration services solve this problem.

For well over a decade, RDi has been helping business owners like you keep their POS and eCommerce sites aligned for smooth operation. We know NCR CounterPoint inside and out and have worked with hundreds of Shopify site owners to meet their custom, business-centered needs.

We hope to work with you next.

 1000+ Integrations and Counting

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RD-ICE is an Integration Platform enabling Point of Sale Systems and eCommerce to automatically sync inventory and orders. With many customization options we’ll tailor the integration to meet your needs, and we’ll show you more opportunities to improve your operation.

  • Upload your products into CounterPoint, see them reflected seamlessly on Shopify
  • Single-Center Reporting Capability. See reports of all sales and breakouts by channel.
  • Take orders in Shopify and fulfill from CounterPoint. This means less learning and platform juggling for your team.
  • Synchronize EVERYTHING with ease. Orders, product details, pricing, availability… see it all reflected across platforms when changed in one place.
  • Web customers get loaded into CounterPoint automatically.
  • Allows for many images per product.
  • Assign promotional and sale prices on products as well as regular pricing.
  • Optionally, set variable prices in-store and on-website. It’s up to you.
  • Pick-up-in-Store capabilities included.
  • Easily assign Meta Tags for better SEO results.
  • And much more. Let’s talk about your needs!
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NCR Counterpoint by RDi

Our list of integration features continues to grow. Contact us to uncover the power of our NCR Counterpoint eCommerce integration, schedule a discovery call, see a demo, get a quote including scope of work.




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