NCR CounterPoint WooCommerce Integration

The power of WooCommerce integrated with Counterpoint POS

Sync NCR Counterpoint POS with WooCommerce. Easily manage physical store and e-commerce operations as one unified business. Eliminate double data entry and reduce labor costs.

The RDi Commerce Engine (ICE) is a middleware application module. Once configured, RD-ICE enables POS to automatically communicate with e-commerce and share inventory data from physical locations and send web orders to POS. Our NCR Counterpoint integration connects with platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce and Amazon.

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RDi Counterpoint POS eCommerce Connectors simplify eCommerce for brick-and-mortar businesses. POS integration to WooCommerce empowers our clients with out of the box integration capabilities that automate webstore operations. A low-cost, high value solution with everything you need to sync Counterpoint POS inventory with WooCommerce.

  • Make Counterpoint POS the hub of your online business
  • Connect Counterpoint with WooCommerce, sync data, and automate manual processes
  • Automatically synchronize POS data between multiple store locations and website
  • Constant integration keeps inventory up to date both online and in-store
  • Full control over product data and Long and short descriptions and photos
  • Fulfill orders from webstore right inside your POS system
  • View information from systems like Shipstation in POS

With RDi’s integration platform, your store’s Counterpoint POS and WooCommerce site will be unified, automatically syncing data 24/7/365. Our POS integrations can be customized to ensure business operations fit a retailers specific requirements. RDi’s passion is to simplify business and improve lives.

RDi has over 10 years of experience integrating NCR CounterPoint with WooCommerce. Our integration capabilities provide our clients with immense flexibility while also making the process simpler than you’d ever imagine.

1000+ Integrations and Counting

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Below are a few of the capabilities provided by our Counterpoint POS  WooCommerce integration. Need something else? We probably do that too. The next step is getting in touch with our team. Let’s schedule a demo.

  •  Upload your products into CounterPoint, see them reflected seamlessly on WooCommerce
  • Single-Center Reporting Capability. See reports of all sales and breakouts by channel
  • Take orders in WooCommerce and fulfill from CounterPoint. This means less learning and platform juggling for your team
  • Synchronize EVERYTHING.orders, product details, pricing, availability… see it all reflected across platforms when changed in one place
  • Web customers get loaded into CounterPoint automatically
  • Allows for many images per product
  • Assign promotional and sale prices on products as well as regular pricing
  • Optionally, set variable prices in-store and on-website. It’s up to you
  • Pick-up-in-Store capabilities included
  • Easily assign Meta Tags for better SEO results
NCR Counterpoint by RDi

Our list of integration features continues to grow. Contact us to uncover the power of our NCR Counterpoint eCommerce integration, schedule a discovery call, see a demo, get a quote including scope of work.

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