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The Sequoia Parks Conservancy gift shop and online store’s mission is to support the conservancy’s great work to promote and preserve a piece of America’s natural heritage Sequoia park.

Sequoia Parks Conservancy partnered with RDi to implement a new e-commerce site. We built the SPC website on Magento Community with e-commerce integration to Retail Pro v8 powered by our RD8 integration engine.  The Sequoia Parks Conservancy is great example of the many non-profits we support that include the national park conservancies, military service museums and many other organizations whose mission is to educate and preserve our land and heritage. Visit store.sequoiaparksconservancy.org

Take a Free-Spirited Family with an addiction to flea markets, wanderlust… higher education and a flair for design, shake it all up you get Junk Gypsy” says the Houston chronicle. From a thriving storefront to a reality tv show these ladies have built an amazing brand and business in small town Texas.

Gypsyville is a Magento Enterprise site integrated to Retail Pro version 9 through RDi’s RDice integration module. In addition to what’s in stock RDice enables them to sell backordered items on the site. They are also using RDi’s shipper integration modules for UPS and USPS integrated into Retail Pro 9 to economize the shipping process for orders. Visit gypsyville.com

Successful integration since 2003, longer than anyone.

Let’s show you how it works and how it can work for your business.

Alexis Bittar Web Site

Retail Dimensions helped us integrate our e-commerce site alexisbittar.com, with Retail Pro POS. We have been working with them for the past four years and they have been incredibly helpful and efficient and they are always available when we need them. Not only have they worked with our company but have also had to partner and work with an outside company on our website and have made any upgrades or additions a seamless process”.

DJ Sports

“RDi was able to take our website to the next level by integrating NCR CounterPoint. with a brand new website. We had several custom features that are required in our industry and RDi met all of our technical challenges and were able to integrate all of our requests into djsports.com .We are very pleased with the outcome and look forward to our ongoing relationship with RDi”.

Naval Aviation Museum

“After a couple years struggling with trying to update our ecommerce store for Flight Deck the Museum Store of the National Aviation Museum, we found Retail Dimensions and they were able to bring our plans to reality! They helped us integrate with Retail Pro in a cloud environment and helped us mimic the look and feel of our sister sites. We’ve had some unique requests with some profit sharing partners and RDi has always been optimistic in helping us achieve our goals! They are easy to work with and always available when we need them!”

Hot Leathers

“Hot Leathers, the leader in motorcycle apparel, presented a unique combination of challenges regarding e-commerce integration connected to a very complicated in-house inventory system. Retail Dimensions created a customized and integrated virtual bridge that makes doing business on the web just as easy and integrated as doing business at any Hot Leathers 4 store locations”. hotleathers.com

citylights collectibles

“We have been in business for 26 years and have learned that in order to stay relevant, we must embrace technology. Ecommerce integration with our Retail Pro® system centralizes all our data. The Retail Pro® integration enables City Lights to manage multiple websites, Amazon, eBay & Walmart. The Retail Dimensions engine keeps everything synchronized with our Retail Pro® management system, and our shipping systems. Our online catalog includes over 15,000 products, staying on top of inventory and order management is critical”. Spencer Young, CEO – City Lights, San Diego, CA citylightscollectibles.com

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