Retail Pro with Magento Integration

Save Time, Run a Better Business by Integrating These Two Great Services

You’ve invested in a great Magento based online storefront and you’re already running with Retail Pro. Let RDi make them work better together with Retail Pro Magento integration.

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Since what seems like the beginning of the internet, business owners have been choosing WordPress to build their website. It’s easy to customize, low cost to implement, and comes with thousands of great plugins — including the incredibly popular WooCommerce platform for eCommerce.

You have a Retail Pro POS up and running within your storefront, and your customers can shop online through your beautiful WooCommerce site. What’s next? Integration.

Make your business more effective and efficient by keeping track of inventory, managing customer profiles, tracking orders, allowing in-store pickup through online purchases, and much more. RDi has built a platform to make this integration nearly seamless — keeping you doing what you want to do, running your business.

Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss your WooCommerce & Retail Pro integration goals. We do this better than anybody.

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RDi’s Integration platform works great with the core features of Magento and Retail Pro right out of the box. Below is a sample of our most popular supported features. Once you integrate there are many more options available as well. Let’s get you connected.


  • Returns Support
  • Gift Card Support In-Store & Online
  • Location Based Inventory & Shipping Options
  • Dynamic Catalogue Structure Management
  • Simple Product Relationship Control
  • Maintain Product Attributes Through Integration
  • Set Up Backorder, Out of Stock, and Other Inventory Messaging
  • Flexible Mapping of All Product Attributes
  • Inventory is Actively Maintained on Site
  • Customer ID’s Sync Between Retail Pro & Magento
  • Invoices & Order Information Downloadable Regardless of Purchase Source
  • Order Status Automation Across Platform
  • Much, Much More — We’ll fit your needs.

This is by no means a complete list of integration features. The best way to uncover the power of this integration is to arrange to see a demonstration.


Please contact us by EMAIL or calling our sales line at 503-644-5301 ext 152.

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