Retail Dimensions Empowers Safety Wearhouse With Ecommerce Integration Between Retail Pro Prism 2 & Magento

Oil Field Worker with Safety Vest

How RDi’s omnichannel customized solutions helped to power growth and tripled online sales

RDi’s Retail Pro Prism integration to Magento automates, simplifies & drives sales

Retail Dimensions (RDi) recently provided another successful project for Safety Wearhouse, customizing, building and creating an omnichannel integration between Retail Pro Prism 2 POS system and the Magento 2 ecommerce platform.

In an interview with Safety Wearhouse (complete interview below), the positive impact of the integration was discussed, highlighting how it saved time, reduced errors, and improved the universal overview of their operations. 

Safety Wearhouse began selling online in 2018 and switched to RDi’s integration with Retail Pro Prism and Magento in May of 2021. The move to Retail Pro Prism was motivated by the need for a system that could grow with them and facilitate expansion. RDi’s integration with Retail Pro Prism has allowed Safety Wearhouse to nearly triple their online sales. Features like multi-store fulfillment and BOPIS, (Buy Online Pick Up In Store), and Curbside and/or Delivery have contributed significantly to their growth, while the upcoming implementation of B2B capabilities will further enhance their market reach. 

The integration process was smooth and user-friendly, allowing Safety Wearhouse to quickly adapt and implement the new system. The company particularly appreciated RDi’s exceptional customer service, transparency, and ability to customize solutions for their needs. As Safety Wearhouse continues to grow, they are confident in their partnership with RDi and look forward to exploring further expansions in the future.

Safety Wearhouse Interior Store
With a huge inventory comes the challenges of online syncing

About Safety Wearhouse

In 1957, Rankin and Lois Bender founded Safety Wearhouse as a shoe repair company. The business was eventually passed down to their son, Bruce, and his wife, Lori, in 2008. Following the change in ownership, the company rebranded as Safety Wearhouse and broadened its product range to cater to workers in the oil and gas industry.  

The goal of Safety Wearhouse is to provide high-quality multiple brands of FR apparel, steel-toe and soft-toed work boots, safety accessories, and more. They offer commercial accounts and in-house custom screen-printing and embroidery with over 20+ years of experience. They proudly ship nationwide, as well as take call-in orders. Still a family-owned business, the company is co-owned and operated by their children and spouses.

Successful integration since 2003. Longer than anyone.

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Project details:

  • POS System – recently migrated to Retail Pro Prism® 2
  • Current Ecommerce PlatformMagento 2  (now Adobe Commerce)
  • POS and Ecommerce Integration – Retail Dimension’s RD-Ice provided catalog, product, orders, customers and returns integration between Retail Pro Prism POS system and Magento 2
  • POS reseller & consultant Complete Data Systems
Retail Pro Prism 2 Pos Inventory Screen
Retail Pro Prism® 2 Inventory Details screen which RDi scyncs directly to the Magento site

Interview with Amanda Jurgens of Safety Wearhouse

What has been your history with online sales?

We have been in business since 1957 and have 3 brick and mortar locations. We began selling online around 2018 before we started working with RDi’s integration to Retail Pro Prism in May of 2021.

Why did you switch to Retail Pro Prism?

We switched to Retail Pro Prism because it could grow with our company and expand as needed. We were using another company for our POS and we weren’t unhappy with it, but it just couldn’t grow with our company. Because we were working with a non customizable online ecommerce platform, we needed a POS platform that could adapt to our needs as we were expanding. We began using Retail Pro Prism and also switched ecommerce platforms to Magento. 

“Because of RDi’s integration with Prism, we’ve almost tripled what we’re selling now online.”

Amanda Jurgens, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce, Safety Wearhouse

How did RPro Prism facilitate the growing needs of your company?

Our growth had to do with our company expanding our departments – we have the ability to put more people on it. But we had to switch what we were doing because our old POS was very limiting. We were doing a lot less inventory, taking stock, and having items for sale online than we are able to now. Because of RDi’s integration with Prism, we’ve almost tripled what we’re selling now online.

What are some of the features you are using with Retail Pro Prism and RDi’s Integration that created this increase in online sales?

Multi-Store fulfillment: We like the multi-store feature because we’ve always had more than one store. We have been in business since 1957, started out in Mobile and then went to Moss Point. In 2016, we came to Sulphur, Louisiana. And when we started thinking bigger than the platform we were on, we wanted something that could not only do multi store, but also B2B. That was our big motivation from moving from the platform we had to using Retail Pro Prism and RDi’s integration. 

The platform we were using didn’t have those integrations, didn’t have the customization and the ability to include these features, so that is why we moved. The multi store has made it to where we can actually either ship from any location or we can divide orders, which is a big deal! Because we have our warehouse here, and all our main inventory is here; we do have to split orders with our other stores. This integration allows us to do that without having to go in and do it by hand. It allows a faster transition so that the customer isn’t waiting on us to complete it. So it’s highly recommended.  We interviewed quite a few companies and we didn’t have any that were offering that as an option.  That was another big motivator for us choosing RDi.

B2B: The problem with our old POS was that it is one size fits all. You couldn’t customize it to fit what you need. It’s exactly what it is and you can’t change it. We wanted to be able to cater to B2B clients with a separate login for our customers. That was not an option. Those were our two main motivators for moving from where we were to where we are now. We are going to be implementing B2B within the next 2 to 3 weeks, so that’ll be a big step for us.

“With RDi’s exceptional customer service and customized solutions, we know that when we report a problem, it will be handled effectively and promptly.”

Amanda Jurgens, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce, Safety Wearhouse

We have never done B2B work online before. That is a huge deal for us – because this feature will help with expansion and growth in a market and economic climate that requires evolution to be able to grow.  And without RDi, we wouldn’t be able to remotely think about doing this. So that was a major key point for us in choosing them.

Note from RDi about B2B: B2B for Safety Wearhouse means they can offer their business customers secure account access, volume or customer based pricing, and putting orders on account. RDi will enhance the process of customer approval and registration, pricing per customer per product, and AR mapping from website orders into Retail Pro Prism.

BOPIS, Curbside and or Delivery – We actually turned that one off until we implement a new policy because unfortunately, customers do not always read the front fine print and so we are fine tuning that for ourselves to better serve our customers. But we do have that feature, we were using it. Once we’ve nailed down something that we feel works better for our clients, then we’re going to go back to implementing it. But it is a great feature. We’ve had tons of sales because of it. So I definitely love that one.

Has the integration been able to address the problems you’re looking to solve and or fill the gaps you were experiencing in integration?

Our biggest thing was that it is essentially all apart.  We can customize it and make it fit the needs that we have that maybe other businesses don’t. We have been able to do multi store and B2B.  We have not found any other system, program or company that we can work with that actually offers that or does that as an integration add on. We’ve also been able to expand our inventory which has helped increase sales. 

RDi was able to provide us with something that no one else was able to do. And in a price point that we felt comfortable working with.

What are top 5 reasons you would recommend Retail Dimensions

1. Transparency 

With any company you invest in, you want to know what your money is buying you. With RDi we know what we’re getting and how far our investment is going for us. There are no hidden fees, and no mystery invoices, it is all presented before being implemented so that everyone is on the same page. 

2. Communication 

We work with numerous companies from IT companies to development companies and unfortunately, communication is not always easy to get. With RDi we have a wonderful communication line with all the people we’ve worked with. If a call is put to a voicemail, we know a callback will be happening by the day’s end. We know that if we send an email, we know a solution will be included in the response. It’s incredible to know that our call is actually important and we aren’t just another number in a large grouping for RDi.

3. Customer Service 

The professionalism and excellent customer service we receive from RDi has created high expectations for other companies. RDi staff always takes the time to work out the problem presented and to give solutions. If one solution doesn’t work, they often search until the problem area is fixed. They take the time to explain what happened and his process for troubleshooting. 

4. Quality of Work 

Out of all the companies we work with, RDi is one of the only ones that has fulfilled our expectations. We know that RDi will provide exceptional work for our company. This isn’t to say other companies haven’t but we have come to expect that the work provided by RDi doesn’t need to be micromanaged. It doesn’t need to be checked over, nor does it need to be questioned. Because of the transparency and communication provided, we know what to expect and it’s delivered in a timely manner. 

5. Above & Beyond Expectations

RDi truly strives to provide the best. For what they do for us, as well as, assisting us in suggesting companies that may also be helpful. When you’re a small business and you’re starting from square one, it can be incredibly difficult to know who to use and what company to invest in. RDi has been incredibly assistive in helping us expand our company and helping us find companies that may be helpful. They are just suggesting and not pressuring us but their suggestions have been vital to our growth and expansion.  

Do you have any future plans you can share in terms of how the integration might change or if you wanted to add any additional features to it?

We aren’t looking to add just yet just because we wanted to dip our toes in with B2B. Once we’ve gotten familiar with that, then we might explore expansion even further.

Who were the key players from your company that were involved in making the decision to RDi?

That would be the vice president of the company Bruce Bender. He was essentially working solo and he found everybody and then he and I have worked together on it to make it into what it is now.

How did you find out about RDi?

We were recommended by a third party company called Complete Data Systems. They recommended RDi to us stating that they had a wonderful working relationship with RDi and that they thought we would be a great fit. And so he interviewed everybody and it just fell in place and the rest is history!

Anything else you want to add about your experience with the integration?

The integration is just so easy to understand. It’s user friendly, and you walk through it step by step. It’s so simple to understand, even a dummy can do it! It is the most user friendly thing I’ve ever used when it comes to marketing like this and using this kind of platform and selling with ecommerce.

The implementation is instantaneous, which works well for us because we’re able to move quickly. In our market, you have to be first, because if you’re not first, you’re last!

What benefits have you gained from working with RDi’s products and services?

The transparency and the communication is amazing. We work with a lot of companies and communication is a very big part of either a success or a failure for a launch and for an ongoing working relationship and RDi’s is above and beyond. They are exceptional. If we call, we know that our call is going to end with a solution. They’re not going to stop until they get us what we need and there’s no wait time. It is essentially you call, they’ve answered, and you’re leaving with a solution which is major because normally when we report a problem, it’s something that needs to be addressed.

Like right now it’s not something that needs to be put off or “you have an open ticket and we’ll get to it – when we get to a priority.”

What were the three key factors in making your decision?

Accessibility, transparency and the ability to customize. And if I can add a 4th? It would be customer service because RDi’s customer service is amazing.

“RDi’s integration is user-friendly and efficient, making it the easiest company to work with for our ecommerce needs.”

Amanda Jurgens, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce, Safety Wearhouse

Is there anything else you wanted to add about that?

I mean, I can’t speak highly enough of them. I’d say the easiest company to work with is RDi. Because as I said, they answer when we call; they have a solution, they have a plan A, B and C, we just know that when we report a problem. If there’s a problem, it’s going to be handled, it’s going to be done efficiently and effectively, and we don’t have to question it.

Did you feel the process was clearly communicated to you?

Absolutely. There was complete transparency. There were no questions, no hidden agenda, no anything that was involved in the making or the creating, it was completely put before us before it was even implemented that way we knew where we were at. The team is responsive and professional. We’ve always had a really good professional working relationship with anybody that we have spoken with at RDi. I mean, again, amazing customer service.

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More about Safety Wearhouse

Safety Wearhouse specializes in work boots, safety apparel, FR Fire Resistant clothing, hard hats, and much more safety gear. Some of brands carried are Ariat, Dan Post, Iron Wear, Carhartt, Wrangler, Double H, Carolina, Georgia, Tony Lama, Justin, Laredo, Blue Collar FR and Thorogood.

Safety Wearhouse is active on social media, drop by here:

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