Smyth Retail Merchant Plus with WooCommerce

Smyth Retail’s partnership with Retail Dimensions enables Merchant Plus customers to master the complexities of integrating brick-and-mortar operations with ecommerce

RD-Ice, Retail Dimensions ecommerce integration platform, for Smyth Retail Merchant Plus simplifies ecommerce for brick-and-mortar businesses selling online. Smyth Retail Merchant Plus integration to WooCommerce empowers our clients with out of the box integration capabilities that automate webstore operations. A low-cost, high value solution with everything you need to sync POS inventory with WooCommerce.

With over 1,600 ecommerce integrations, Retail Dimensions is the world’s most experienced provider of ecommerce integration.

Smyth customers can now take advantage of RDi’s years of experience since 2003 integrating hundreds of online retailers with WooCommerce. The Smyth and RDi development teams have worked together to deliver a unique hybrid integration solution to the market. We are proud to be a Smyth ecommerce integration partner.

Unified Commerce Engine RD-Ice™

1,600+ Ecommerce Integrations and Counting.
Successful integration since 2003, longer than anyone.

Let’s show you how it works and how it can work for your business.

The following summarizes the capabilities of Smyth ecommerce integration. The following fields are included in the export for each Style: Season Code & Description, Department Code & Description, Attributes & Characteristics, and default Size Grid names. Several operational improvements result based on a unique processing approach. Images are directly supported by the Merchant Plus! Catalog Export and doesn’t require an additional utility. Updates are sent directly to the shopping cart using FTP and bypasses an external communications server.

  • Related products support
  • Product Internet address
  • Short Web Descriptions
  • Product alternate (Primary) images
  • Consolidated Color for searching on the cart (show me all “blues”)
  • Style Attributes (passed but requires custom work on the shopping cart to be implemented)
  • Detail line sales tax amount
  • Clean URL – calculated by the RDi side of the integration
  • Title Tag loaded with Product Description
  • Meta Keywords loaded with Search Keywords
  • On Sale support where available on cart
  • Recently Added (new) products support where available on cart.
  • Credit Memos recorded in WooCommerce can now be processed with the Ecommerce Order Processing transaction.
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This is by no means a complete list of integration features. The best way to uncover the power of this integration is to arrange to see a demonstration.

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