Windward System Five eCommerce Integration

Retail Dimensions Windward e-commerce integration connects Windward to  Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and Amazon.

Windward System Five e-commerce integration eliminates double data entry and unifies in-store and online operations. Web orders automatically download in Windward Software for processing. Manage inventory at single or multiple store locations.

The Retail Dimensions Integrated Commerce Engine (ICE) powers over 1000 e-commerce integrations and growing. RD-ICE is a middleware application module that installs on Windward System Five. Once configured, RD-ICE enables Windward System Five to automatically communicate with e-commerce and share Windward inventory data from physical locations with e-commerce channels, optimizing inventory, streamlining operations and reducing man power.

No software in a box here! We’ve been providing POS to e-commerce integrations for over 15 years. Business owner needs unique solutions to get the most out of their Windward Software e-commerce integration and keep business running smoothly. With that in mind, we’ve created a robust integration engine that can be suited to fit almost any retailer’s needs.

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1000+ Integrations and Counting

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Windward eComemrce Integration

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Eliminate duplicate data entry. Automatically update eCommerce with Windward inventory. Unify your online and offline operations.


Our integration technology enables e-commerce channels to share the master inventory data from Windward System Five. Our System Engineers provide the required analysis to insure e-commerce systems properly interface with Windward data processes.


Windward POS integration enables a merchants POS product data (SKUs, descriptions, pricing, quantity) to automatically sync between Windward and e-commerce platforms.  When products are added, sold or updated in Windward System Five POS, the product updates sync from Windward to the website automatically. When orders are placed online, a copy of the web order is passed to Windward and a new shopper account is created or synced, a sales order is created in Windward and inventory is adjusted.


Integrate Windward POS today with the worlds top e-commerce platforms, including Magento, and WooCommerce.  Shopify, and BigCommerce integration available early 2019.


Windward eCommerce Integration Features:

Windward e-commerce integration simplifies multichannel sales for brick-and-mortar businesses. Our e-commerce integration enables multiple solutions to work together, automatically synchronizing online sales with Windward software. Let us show you how you can automate your online and offline operation, reduce man power and streamline operations for growth.


  • Upload products in Windward once, see them reflected on the website
  • Single-Center Reporting Capability
  • See reports of all sales and breakouts by channel in POS
  • Take orders online and fulfill from Windward
  • Synchronize orders, product details, pricing, availability, see it all reflected across platforms when updated online or in store
  • Web shoppers get loaded into Windward automatically
  • New orders can be synced with existing shopper accounts
  • Drag and drop multiple images per product
  • Assign promotional and sale prices on products as well as regular pricing
  • Set variable prices in-store and on-website
  • Easily assign Meta Tags for better SEO results
  • Pick-up-in-Store capabilities available

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Leverage Windward infrastructure to sell online anywhere, anytime, on any device with a fully branded, mobile-ready storefront.

Windward Shopify Integration

RDi’s Integrated Commerce Engine (ICE) works seamlessly with Shopify and Windward System Five to integrate Point of Sale with one of today’s most popular online shopping engines. Let us help you get your online and brick-and-mortar operation connected together.


Windward Magento Integration

Integrate your existing Magento site to Windward Software or have us build you a new Magento 2 website. Our powerful Integrated Commerce Engine integration links Magento and Windward System Five seamlessly.


Windward WooCommerce Integration

Windward and WooCommerce work well together when integrated properly. Let RDi  get your online and brick and mortar businesses running smoothly together. We have over 15 years of experience integrating WooCommerce and POS.


Windward BigCommerce Integration

Take a big leap forward by integrating your Windward System five to BigCommerce. BigCommerce integration to Windward Software unifys online and offline operations.