Windward System Five eCommerce Integration

Integrate Windward Software’s System Five Seamlessly with Magento, WooCommerce and Amazon 

Retail Dimensions most recent integration is to Windward Software’s System Five Inventory Management and POS system. System Five is working in multiple countries serving a vast array of retail niches showing both versatility and adaptability to fit many different needs. Retail Dimensions has integrated System Five to Magento and WooCommerce and will consider the integration to other platforms as demand dictates. 

Retail Dimension’s System Five eCommerce Connector, RD-Ice, automatically syncs inventory between System Five POS and web platforms. Retail Dimensions integration technology connects a retailer’s POS to their webstore and online channels, enabling multiple sales channels to share the master inventory data from System Five POS. 

Retail Dimensions take an extremely collaborative approach to providing e-commerce integration to System Five customers. System Five is so flexible that it requires Retail Dimensions to spend time ensuring the data mapping between System Five and the web platforms is correct spending time with each retailer to fully understand their data and resultant impact on the site. Leveraging System Five infrastructure, Retail Dimensions integration technology enables retailers to sell online anywhere, anytime, on any device with a fully branded, mobile-ready storefront.

Why is Retail Dimensions the best provider for System Five ecommerce integration? Retail Dimensions has combined expertise, in-depth retail knowledge, a thorough collaborative approach, and our flexible integration platform RD-Ice to connect System Five retailer’s physical locations and online channels in a way that meets their unique needs. Retail Dimensions is headquartered in Beaverton Oregon with all development and support delivered from our Beaverton office.

Retail Dimensions System Five eCommerce integration is the industry’s most comprehensive solution for integrating System Five with online sales channels. Unify your operations on a solid foundation with Retail Dimensions System Five omnichannel capability.

RD-Ice is an Integration Platform enabling Point of Sale Systems and eCommerce to automatically sync inventory and orders and customers. RD-Ice is empowering retailers with a tool to quickly build and control their product catalog on the web. Drag and drop functionality enables the user to build their category structure, add images, easily edit the web catalog and merchandise the catalog ready for publishing on the site.

Successful integration since 2003, longer than anyone.

Let’s show you how it works and how it can work for your business.

The integration dynamically updates the website with catalog changes, bringing orders and customers down to POS, and returning order status and customer updates to the website. All scheduled and automated at time intervals of your choosing. See more features here.

Servicing our clients and POS providers since 2003, Retail Dimensions has become the go-to provider of POS eCommerce integration services for retail business owners – just like you. Contact us today to see how we can get you up and running fast.

Retail Dimensions System Five e-commerce integration connects System Five POS with Magento, WooCommerce and Amazon.

Retail Dimensions Unified eCommerce for System Five Features:

Retail Dimension’s Integration platform works great with the core features of WooCommerce and Retail Pro right out of the box. Below is a sample of our most popular supported features. Once you integrate there are many more options available. Let’s get you connected.

  • Many System Five fields can be mapped from System Five to ecommerce
  • Enter items once in System Five and have them available both in-store and the web
  • Combined reporting showing all sales or broken out by channel
  • Fulfill directly from System Five using familiar sales order workflows
  • Automatically synchronize product availability, pricing, orders, and customers
  • Web customers added to System Five (and matched if already existing)
  • Build and maintain the catalog navigation of your website 
  • Categories & Sub-category structure – unlimited levels
  • Item styles combined into web product with drop-downs to select attributes
  • Multiple item images per style per SKU
  • Set up long description fields through the use of a full html editor
  • Regular price and promotional sales price levels
  • In-store and the web can use different item price levels
  • Source locations – choose from which location(s) product quantities will be drawn
  • Item availability – optionally disable items no longer in stock, or keep it for sale
  • Support for pick up in store, curbside or delivery options
  • Product catalog, availability, and pricing can vary by channel
  • Web orders can have used defined prefix for easy identification
  • Flexible filtering options to bulk assign products to categories & sub-categories
  • Assign meta and product tags
  • Do word mapping to turn abbreviated data into ecommerce display ready data
  • Set exclude style or product flags
  • Set threshold level sell-to’s by product
  • Set Out of Stock Messaging
  • Create new customers in System Five from Web orders
  • Identify previous customers placing new orders
  • Create new orders in System Five from orders taken online
  • Report separately or consolidated for sales and/or stores in System Five
  • Orders import – shipping method & price, fees, taxes, pricing, discounts and tenders
  • Optionally fulfill orders from System Five importing Sales orders 
  • Orders fulfilled in System Five generate shipped order confirmations back to the site
  • Optionally fulfill orders on your website importing receipts into System Five
  • Full end to end hand holding during implementation
  • No labor required on your web developer’s end to support the integration
  • Flexible mapping of data between System Five and your web platform
  • Features can be toggled in RD-Ice to support your preferred workflow
  • Full multiple image module
  • Pick up at store – find at store
  • Support for Rentals
  • Custom add-on module development available
  • Note – not all features available on all web platforms

Our list of integration features continues to grow. Schedule a discovery call, see a demo, get a quote including scope of work.

System Five eCommerce Integration

System Five Magento Integration

Magento sites offer the most flexible platform on the market today. Whether you are using the Community or Enterprise version Retail Dimensions can seamlessly link your Magento site to System Five with the most advanced and elegant features available in e-commerce today. It takes a talented web team to provide an A grade Magento site and likewise it takes Retail Dimensions, the best at moving e-commerce data in the world, to properly synchronize it with System Five

System Five WooCommerce Integration

Like Magento WooCommerce sites offer a very flexible platform with the ability for the non-technical user to manipulate the site itself. While it hasn’t been around for nearly as long as Magento there is a robust developer community to provide features and sites to the WooCommerce Community. Retail Dimensions, the best at moving e-commerce data in the world has been integrating WooCommerce to System Five for years.

System Five Amazon Integration

Retail Dimensions RD-Ice platform works with Amazon and System Five. Many retailers today are using the foundation of their public .com site be it Magento or WooCommerce to feed other channels like Amazon. Retail Dimensions provides the inventory numbers, the web platform feeds products availability and prices to Amazon, the orders come back into the web platform and Retail Dimensions moves them down into System Five completing the cycle. By using the full power of your web platform Retail Dimensions can connect your System Five implementation to the most popular online shopping platform in the world. 

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