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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any limit to the number of images I can assign?

Depending on the capabilities of your Website, You can assign up to 4 images and a thumbnail per product and you can assign up to 4 images and a swatch per color per product. Watch the video.

What will my involvement in integration be?

Your involvement is minimal but dependent on how far along you are already. If you have a functional and ready eCommerce platform and POS system in place at your storefront, as long as these platforms work with RDi, we can make it fast and low-touch for you, the business owner. When business owners are at an earlier point in their platform development, however, we like to involve you to meet your needs closely. We like to be a collaborative partner with our business owner clients. In this way, RDi is your partner in business success.

How can I manage the sort order of products within a category

As products are dragged and dropped in to categories they are assigned a sequential number in increments of 10. The last product added will have the highest number. You can manually change these numbers by just typing over the existing values.

How Long does Integration take?

Most integrations can be done in less than 30 days and you won’t see any meaningful platform downtime during this time. The speed depends entirely on how deep your inventory goes and the level of custom support you need. Our team is here to discuss the details for you specifically!

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