Unified Commerce

Integrating POS with eCommerce

Here at RDi, we believe that the best integration is one that’s custom tailored to your specific business. No two businesses are the same – we work directly with you to make integration between your online business and brick-and-mortar locations custom-fitted.

Syncing Physical Store POS and eCommerce

With each use-case there are specific considerations that come into play when selecting a web store platform or POS. Outside of our own software service here at RDi, technology really hasn’t successfully made integration across all of the various combinations of platforms easy yet. That’s why we’re here. We’ve helped over 1,600 business owners like you to connect their online shopping sites to their in-store systems. We can help you too.

How Long is this Integration Going to Take?

Most integrations can be done in less than 30 days and you won’t see any meaningful platform downtime during this time. The speed depends entirely on how deep your inventory goes and the level of custom support you need. Our team is here to discuss the details for you specifically!

What Will my Involvement Be?

Your involvement is minimal but dependent on how far along you are already. If you have a functional and ready eCommerce platform and POS system in place at your storefront, as long as these platforms work with RDi, we can make it fast and low-touch for you, the business owner. When business owners are at an earlier point in their platform development, however, we like to involve you to meet your needs closely. We like to be a collaborative partner with our business owner clients. In this way, RDi is your partner in business success.

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