Catalyst Surf Rides of Successful Retail

Founded in 2006, Catalyst Surf Shop is a well-known local shop for surfing and skating enthusiasts. They carry surfboards, skateboards, wetsuits, and a full range of surf accessories for men, women, and children with a passion for surfing and skating

Catalyst uses Retail Pro 8 as their retail management/POS system inside its Melbourne, Florida location. It is supported by One Step Retail (OSR), their Retail Pro Business Partner. Retail Dimensions worked in coordination with OSR to create the best in omni-channel unified commerce solutions for Catalyst.

Retail Dimensions had previously integrated Catalyst to Retail Pro 8 through ECI. The Retail Dimensions team moved them to RD8 and Magento to keep up with the changing market. Their site launched successfully in September 2016. Today, their customers are able to make fast, easy transactions so they can get back to the sea in time to catch the first big wave. 

About Retail Dimensions, Inc.

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