Wrangling the eCommerce of Five Little Monkeys

When your business is expanding, both in-store and online, accurate inventory tracking can easily become cumbersome and may lead to a mismanaged system that leaves you blind to the needs of your customers. 

Integrated Solutions for a Growing Business

Five Little Monkeys, a growing San Francisco Bay retail toy company, wanted better oversight of their inventory and they contacted Retail Dimensions to find the best solution for their business. Today, owner Stephanie Sala has the oversight she needed in Retail Dimensions’ unified ecommerce solution, and more!

With four brick-and-mortar locations and a new online store, Sala was seeking a solution that would bring the entire company’s sales activity under one roof and connect them with their Retail Pr®’s retail management/POS system. Doing this allowed her the high-level view she desired, while at the same time improving the overall customer experience. 

A Better Customer Experience

Now Five Little Monkey has integrated their company’s sales activity under one POS platform their customers can shop a company-wide, automatically updated inventory. The customer now has the option to buy online or in-store, pick-up and return in-store, or have it delivered. 

In addition to that, a custom-made, RDi-built customer loyalty program provides additional perks to Five Little Monkey’s most loyal customers.

Better Purchasing Experiences Promotes Brand Loyalty

More than price and product, customer experience is becoming a key brand differentiator. Today’s shoppers want the freedom to buy anywhere, receive anywhere, and return anywhere. With a unified commerce integration that will sync your online and storefront POS system, you provide the purchasing experience that promotes the kind of brand loyalty your customers will return to time and time again.

A Thriving Business Prepared for the Future

Five Little Monkey’s progressive approach to business and commitment to improving processes has resulted in recognition from their peers, with a 2016 American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) Retailer Excellence Award: Toy Retailer of the Year.

Congratulations to Five Little Monkeys and Stephanie Sala! 

Retail Dimensions is committed to providing the best tools for retailers to stay competitive and has worked with many ASTRA members.

About Retail Dimensions, Inc.

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