Integrating Retail Pro with eCommerce Platform Empowers Businesses Throughout 2020

Staying ahead of the competition is the name of the game in retail. Offering trend-worthy products keeps your store relevant and makes sure you are well-stocked with the hottest items your customers want most. 

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Your backend operations require that same level of dedication to seeking out the best new tools available to ensure your products are delivered with the highest level of customer service. Retail Pro, a leader in point of sale (POS) management software, meets this need with the development of innovative tools and a continual focus on always providing more for their retailers. 

Retail Pro’s history of modernizing retail operations

For more than twenty-five years, Retail Pro has been providing retailers with a POS system that helps them take their business into the digital age. They have built flexible and robust administration and fulfillment management tools for over nine thousand retailers around the globe to handle the information that comes in from each sale, keeps company-wide inventory counts up to date, and provide tools for retailers to offer discounts, royalty programs and other buying incentives. 

Retail Pro’s philosophy of advancing POS technology and their dedication to leaving avenues open to include important operating tools, such as Retail Dimensions’ RDI-Ice integration tool, provides retailers with a pathway to build a unified commerce business model. Sales activity at both their physical stores and their ecommerce websites become one comprehensive business, where their operational activity is streamlined, and the fulfillment process becomes more efficient and reliable. 

Retail Pro serves retailers worldwide, with five international offices and more than ninety operational offices on six continents to support retailers in over one hundred countries.

“Retail Pro’s philosophy of advancing POS technology and their dedication to leaving avenues open to include important operating tools, such as Retail Dimensions’ RDI-Ice integration tool, provides retailers with a pathway to build a unified commerce business model.”

What drives Retail Pro’s innovation

So, what’s behind Retail Pro’s motivation to provide the latest technology in retail management? 

Advancing POS technology is just one facet of Retail Pro’s forward-thinking philosophy. Their early adoption of the omni channel commerce concept has led to a POS system that is designed to be highly adaptable to creating a comprehensive retail business structure that includes both Retail Pro’s point of sale system and their ecommerce platform. 

Empowering retailers with the ability to position themselves as an omni channel business allows them to create marketing and fulfillment strategies that better correlates with their desire to present the two arms of their business as one company, rather than an online store as a separate entity from their physical locations. Regardless of where a customer chooses to do business, they will feel connected to the company’s brand in the same way emotionally and visually. This is Retail Pro’s goal for their clients, and it’s why they are so willing to dive right into developing the next innovative tool that has the potential to help retailers. 

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Retail Pro has been at the forefront in adopting technologies.
Successful integration since 2003. Longer than anyone.

Let’s show you how it works for your business.

Retail Pro Prism

Retail Pro’s signature data management system is Retail Pro Prism. It offers tools that deliver streamlined, productive, effective operation processes and helps to grow a retailer’s current business by providing additional capacity building tools which lead to a general improvement in the customer experience with each transaction. POS functionality available on both mobile and desktop devices opens the door to accessing customer information and up to date inventory data from anywhere. This leads to less mistakes and reduced waiting and transaction times and empowers the store associates to create a better experience for the customer.

Creating a streamlined, productive, efficient, and cost-conscience business operation can take years for a retailer to design on their own. Retail Pro assists this mission with a POS system that will custom design workflows to simplify every aspect of a business, from fulfillment to reporting, with improved oversight into employee productivity and commission, and protect sensitive data, while granting access to those who need it.

Retail Pro has also included capacity building features into their system to enable retailers to expand their business without losing the information and processes they’ve already collected. Adding and managing locations, corporate owned stores, franchises, and kiosks, can be done anywhere in the world, which allows the retailer to get a comprehensive look at the company’s entire inventory in real-time and have items shipped from anywhere using ‘send-sale’ transactions. 

Integrating Retail Pro supports retailers through 2020 ‘Stay-at-Home” mandates

Retail Pro has been at the forefront in adopting technologies to support retailers for years, but that overriding philosophy has never been more important than that it was in 2020. 

During the mandated COVID-19 business closures, Retail Pro saw many of their clients use the downtime to upgrade their systems, while other retailers re-evaluated their current systems and made the decision to move to Retail Pro’s point of sale system to streamline their business operations as a way to stay ahead of the competition.

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Retail Pro saw many of their clients use the downtime to upgrade their systems.

Integrating Retail Pro with a business’s ecommerce platform ensures that the entire business activity can effectively meet the needs of their clients. This was especially important during one of the most turbulent economic times in modern history. When stay-at-home mandates were enacted, customers suddenly turned to online stores to purchase everything from clothes to groceries while protecting themselves against exposure to the coronavirus. 

Retailers who had previously installed a Retail Dimensions RD-Ice integration tool to connect their physical and online stores, were already primed to handle the sudden shift because data collected in the POS system at the physical locations provided real-time customer data to the online store automatically without any new data input. Rewards points were available, previous order information could easily be pulled up, and shipping information was ready for the next order. Integrated retailers could easily direct their customers to their ecommerce website, knowing that it would be a seamless transition for them and their employees. 

“Though the global pandemic undoubtedly impacted retail, we saw retailers’ characteristic resilience and ingenuity shine through as they pivoted in their strategies to stay connected with shoppers to serve their needs at this time,” commented Retail Pro International CEO, KerryLemos. “We also aimed to double up on support for our retailers during COVID-19. One thing became clearer than ever: our worlds are interdependent, and we must stand together to come out stronger.”

Retail Pro is there for their customers

Integrating Retail Pro with ecommerce platforms delivers a complete business structure that includes both their in-store and online sales activity and connects it with the backend operations for seamless data transfer between the two arms of your business. 

Retail Dimensions partners with companies like Retail Pro who share our vision of supporting a retailers’ need for a fully-integrated POS to ecommerce system. We work together to design a flexible system that connects all their sales channels and enhances the retailer’s ability to evolve to meet the needs of their customers around the world.

About Retail Dimensions, Inc.

Retail Dimensions (RDi) delivers powerful integration solutions that automate data exchange between point-of-sale (POS) and top ecommerce platforms. RDi’s highly customizable integration technology eliminates the need for manual data entry and unifies online and offline operations. RDi is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with business partners across the U.S., Asia, Europe and South America.

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