International Micro Systems Road Show

Representatives from Retail Dimensions recently presented at the International Micro Systems (IMS) Florida Road Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. IMS, is most known for delivering POS solutions and has been working in partnership with Retail Pro since 1994. Also highlighted was the recently attained customer bases of two newly acquired Retail Pro dealers that were prominent in the Deep South and the Caribbean.

To really kick-start their presence and create buzz within this new customer base, IMS presented at the Road Show in Fort Lauderdale on April 5 and 6th . The event was open to all and non-exclusive; therefore, the show was attended by customers and prospects alike.  IMS selected RDi to present as the e-commerce option for their customers. Coincidentally, many of those in attendance were existing ecommerce customers of RDi from the start.

The show itself was a great success and went off without a hitch. However, it cannot be emphasized enough: the opportunity to travel throughout Florida and meet our existing customers face-to-face and ultimately to strengthen already great relationships was truly an added bonus to what was already a fantastic show and trip.

IMS, Fort Lauderdale, as well as the beautiful state of Florida have our deepest gratitude. But above all, to our clients: past, present, and future, we want to say thank you for your continued and unwavering support. We hope that you gained as much as we did from the event and we look forward to meeting more of you at our next event!

About Retail Dimensions, Inc.

Retail Dimensions (RDi) delivers powerful integration solutions that automate data exchange between point-of-sale (POS) and top ecommerce platforms. RDi’s highly customizable integration technology eliminates the need for manual data entry and unifies online and offline operations. RDi is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with business partners across the U.S., Asia, Europe and South America.

The best way to uncover the power of our integrations is with a demonstration. Call 503-644-5301 X 152 or use our demo request form.

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