Full gift card integration between NCR Counterpoint & BigCommerce

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Retail Dimensions is excited to announce full gift card integration between NCR Counterpoint and BigCommerce, making it hassle free for the customer to easily redeem dollars on a retailer’s ecommerce site or in the retail brick and mortar stores interchangeably. This allows the customer more control of their shopping experience, creating potential for customer loyalty and more revenue for the retailer.

What is this RDi Feature?

This feature allows the customer’s choice of buying and redeeming in either ecommerce shop or in store. This feature offers a seamless integration between NCR Counterpoint and a BigCommerce purchase, tracking, and redemption of gift cards (NCR Counterpoint) and gift certificates (BigCommerce).

  • Do you offer gift cards in your brick and mortar store on NCR Counterpoint POS and want to let customers redeem them online in your BigCommerce store?
  • Do you offer gift certificates online in your BigCommerce store and want to let customers redeem them in your brick and mortar store on NCR Counterpoint POS?

An integration such as this allows more options for the customer buying from your store to spend the dollars in the way they want, and in this changing day and age, shopping has become just as virtual an experience as it has traditionally been a tangible one. By allowing the customer to essentially buy credit at your store by purchasing a gift card or certificate, you are inevitably inviting them back to check out more items that are on their wish list, which enables more interest by the shopper, leading to – more spending!

Retail Dimensions has taken this demand for flexibility into practical use for full gift card integration between NCR Counterpoint and BigCommerce.

Does this image look familiar to you? 

BigCommerce & NCR Counterpoint Gift Card Integration

If so, and you are using NCR Counterpoint, RDi has a new integration you will not want to miss! 

Wouldn’t it be nice to let a potential new customer who has been gifted a certificate via BigCommerce by someone most likely already a faithful shopper come into the store and see all your items in person and become a loyal shopper themselves? What better way to create this opportunity by integrating your gift card system in your POS with your ecommerce gift certificate system.

RDi’s integration takes NCR Counterpoint’s gift card module and BigCommerce native gift certificate functionality, and allows them to communicate interchangeably as one feature moving between cyberspace and retail space, allowing your customer to do the same!

“Gift Card integration has traditionally required the shopper to leave the site they are on to input their gift card and retrieve their balance and then return to the site. Now the shopper stays on the same site in BigCommerce to review balances and make purchases using one or more gift cards.”

Kurt Beeken, President, Retail Dimensions

NCR Counterpoint gift card integration features 

RDi’s full integration includes all the features a retailer needs to provide flexibility to their customers.

Here are just a few of the many features :

    • Gift Cards (NCR Counterpoint) can be purchased in store and used online
    • Gift Certificates (BigCommerce)  can be purchased online and used in store
    • Store bought gift cards can be redeemed in BigCommerce without leaving the site
    • Multiple gift cards can be redeemed on the same transaction in BigCommerce
    • Gift Certificates bought online can be used in store

    The best way to see how this works and to see the power of RDi for yourself is with a quick demo. RDi can customize the demo for your environment, you can work with and get tips from a member of the team, and RDi can answer any questions you might have.

    Successful integration since 2003. Longer than anyone.

    Let’s show you how it works for your business.

    How RDi works:

    NCR Counterpoint to BigCommerce RDi Unified Commerce
    NCR Counterpoint gift card integration with BigCommerce is now complete.

    Why is Gift Card integration important?

    • Consumers expect retailers to provide more fluidity between their ecommerce and POS systems when it comes to gift certificates and gift cards.
    • The demand for gift cards amid the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to accelerate, due to an unprecedented demand for remote purchases that require minimal contact with cash and/or exposure to crowds.
    • Gift card sales are expected to rise nearly 15% from 2020 to 2027.
    • Giftcards.com has a curated list of the most recent gift card statistics, surveys and studies performed each year.
    BigCommerce dashboard area showing your customers gift card status and balance. Go to Orders › Gift Certificates.

    Retailer FAQ


      As we move away from pen and paper and into a more digital world, gift cards and digital wallets and payment services will likely one day completely overtake  the legacy of the paper gift certificate! So will having to choose between a commute to a physical location for a hands on purchase or an ecommerce shop where the items sit for purchase virtually – at your fingertips. Get a headstart on this future trend by gifting yourself and your customer the convenience of RDi’s NCR Counterpoint gift card integration.

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