Taking the Online Shopping Experience into the Next Adventure

Next Adventure™ was conceived by childhood friends Deek & Bryan in 1997 selling only used gear and closeouts. Over the past two decades it has grown to be the premier outdoor retailer. Kayakers, climbers, snowboarders, hikers, campers, skiers, cyclists, disc golfers, and mountaineers rely on Next Adventure to find the right gear for the right price. They offer classes, tours, and community events, and is an omni-present voice in the Pacific Northwest’s outdoor community with four retail store locations in the greater Portland metro area and online.

Next Adventure uses Retail Pro 9™ as their retail management/POS system in its stores. It is supported by their Retail Pro Business Partner, Big Hairy Dog (BHD). BHD and Retail Dimensions have partnered to deliver the best in omni-channel unified commerce solutions to their customers. RDi delivered the new Next Adventure online store on Magento Community on budget in March 2016 to be ready for the for the spring outdoor season. The integration is powered by RDi’s RDice™ integration module for Retail Pro version 9. It was built to deliver omni-channel ready unified commerce solutions with Retail Pro as the backbone for retailers worldwide.

Now, no matter where the outdoor enthusiasts finds themselves, they only need to visit the Next Adventure online store to order the best outdoor gear available.


About Retail Dimensions, Inc.

Retail Dimensions (RDi) delivers powerful integration solutions that automate data exchange between point-of-sale (POS) and top ecommerce platforms. RDi’s highly customizable integration technology eliminates the need for manual data entry and unifies online and offline operations. RDi is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with business partners across the U.S., Asia, Europe and South America.

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