Building Bridges Between Traditional and eCommerce Sales Activity

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Every retail business owner has spent hours carefully creating their sales and delivery processes so their customers can receive the best service possible. It must be efficient in both time and cost for both the business and the consumer. Seamless integration is a huge factor in their decision to create an ecommerce store, and Retail Dimensions has created a product that will get them all the way to the end of the sale with confidence.

The Retail Dimensions RD-Ice™ integration Platform empowers our clients with out of the box integration capabilities that automate webstore operations. It’s an affordable, high value solution that includes everything the specialty retailer needs to sync POS inventory data with online commerce.

“Deploy, connect, and let it run”

Retail Dimension’s Unified Commerce Engine, RD-Ice connects every step of the fulfillment process together to deliver both efficiency for your business, as well as a wonderful shopping experience for the customer.

Getting the customer service portion right is the first step in building a successful fulfillment integration. The second part must be equally able to meet the needs of the retailer. Retail Dimensions RD-Ice simplifies the entire system by seamlessly blending the sales activity of a physical store with its online sister store through a highly customizable integration model that can be customized to fit the business. It is a low-cost, high value solution that is able to sync POS inventory with the most active retail sales platforms on the internet.

Unified Commerce Engine RD-Ice

All POS to all Ecommerce Unified Commerce Engine

The RD-Ice Journey

Step 1: Synchronized Catalog & Inventory Management

Accurate tracking of your stock tells you the health of your business and what your customers want most.

Our custom-built RD-Ice solution provides updated tracking information and generates detailed reports to help guide your purchasing choices. We will create a system that will let you search by product name, availability, brand, descriptions, colors, prices, SKUs and more. When products are sold, added, or updated in Retail Pro, the product updates will automatically sync with your website’s inventory count in real-time.

Shoppers that are new to your online store will create an account that automatically syncs with your inventory, send alerts to your fulfilment team, and create sales orders and invoices through your POS system. When it is pulled for packaging, the inventory count is adjusted accordingly.

Step 2: Web/Mobile eCommerce Platform

An integration between Retail Pro and BigCommerce empowers our clients with automated webstore operations to free up their time so they can focus on high-level interactions with their customers.

You’ll find that the RD-Ice automated system does the back-end heavy lifting for you and your team. Automated communication features will handle the delivery notices, product updates, and delivery communication as an order goes through the fulfillment process. Your customer service team will be able to rely on accurate, up to date customer data and channel preferences, and your marketing team can pre-scheduled sales, discounts, product releases, and loyalty offers in coordination with their marketing campaigns.

Step 3: Retail Inventory Management POS

Your sales process requires a seamless transaction, from the moment an item is selected to the second it arrives in the customer’s hands.

Making sure each transaction is a safe and secure, with real-time inventory updates to inform your fulfillment team frees up their time for other tasks. Real-time stock levels, order tagging, and high-risk orders will keep them informed and prevent issues that could cost you a customer from being overlooked. RD-Ice will connect all phases of your inventory management process together so you’ll be able to reduce costs, better anticipate changes in demand, optimize your warehouse operations and track the sales activity at multiple locations and online. You’ll also get a better understanding on how you can maximize your employees’ time. All this will help you reduce cost, improve cash flow, and increase your business’s bottom line.

Step 4: Synchronized Orders, Customers & Order Fulfilment

Cross-communication can be costly for any business. Not only could it mean ordering more than needed—or not enough—it can also create the impression of poor customer service that hinders brand loyalty and cripples future growth.

By integrating a system that synchronizes orders, customer data, and order fulfillment information, you’ll be able to maintain the control you need to springboard your sales growth. Instant updates between brick and mortar and online sales activity will ensure that you are confident in the broad oversight you have over your business.

Step 5: Curbside, Delivery, Buy Online Pick Up

Give the customer more control with options in how the product gets into their hands and leave them with an impression that will cultivate long-lasting brand loyalty.

With a customized RD-Ice integration package, you’ll be able to offer them choices that fit their busy lives. Built-in options will allow them to schedule a delivery from the store, pick- up curbside, or order online and either have it shipped to their house or picked up at their convenience at the store nearest to them. It’s a flexible feature that caters to their needs and sends the message that their time is as important to you as their money.

Connecting Your Business through RD-Ice Integration

A journey through the retail fulfillment process should be intuitive, from the warehouse, to delivery. With an RD-Ice integration, your brick and mortar store will be able to communicate effectively with your online store and provide you complete oversight into your business activity. Our customized features are tailored-made to fit the unique needs of your business and works seamlessly with your POS system and the internet’s most popular platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Amazon.

Our engineers will create a unified commerce engine that is intuitive, informative, and able to grow side by side with your business.

Training to Get Your Started

Retail Dimensions also offers the training that will put you in the driver’s seat once the integration is complete. Our team of experts will work with you until you have full oversight into all the benefits of your new integration so you can pinpoint areas that are especially needed for your unique business and find any issues that may arise before they become a crisis.

Your Questions Answered

The Retail Dimensions team is ready to help you with all your questions before, during, and after the integration process. We’ll walk you through the integration process to ensure that your business is connected cohesively and leave you with a full understanding of the capabilities of your integrated system and the people to turn to when you have questions. After it’s set up and working, you’ll continue to have access to the knowledgeable RD-Ice team.

RD-Ice Bridges the Gap Between Brick and Mortar and Online Stores

An RD-Ice integration will bring all your business’s sales activity together for seamless POS/inventory management. Integrate your traditional store’s activity with an online business for more sales, less confusion, and a growing fan base that will last for years.

About Retail Dimensions, Inc.

Retail Dimensions (RDi) delivers powerful integration solutions that automate data exchange between point-of-sale (POS) and top ecommerce platforms. RDi’s highly customizable integration technology eliminates the need for manual data entry and unifies online and offline operations. RDi is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with business partners across the U.S., Asia, Europe and South America.

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