Tiger Sports Shop’s Online Store Roars to Life

Tiger Sports Shop of Clemson South Carolina opened in the 80s as a small college shop focused on selling running, soccer and track shoes. Today, they’ve grown into the official store of Clemson University, offering all the Tiger gear a fan would want in two stores and now online.

Tiger Sports uses Retail Pro 9™ as its retail management/POS system in both its brick and mortar stores, supported by their Retail Pro Business Partner, Big Hairy Dog (BHD). BHD and Retail Dimensions have partnered to deliver the best in omni-channel unified commerce solutions to their customers. These partnerships led Tiger Sports to choose Retail Dimensions to deliver the integration and fulfillment applications between its new Magento Community site and Retail Pro 9.

RDi delivered the integration to the Magento Community on budget in time for the 2016 football season. It is powered by RDi’s RDice™ integration module for Retail Pro version 9. It was built to deliver omni-channel ready unified commerce solutions with Retail Pro as the backbone for retailers worldwide.

Tiger Sports also chose to implement RDi’s Shipping Bundle for Retail Pro 9 that contains four applications:

Pickman – Helps a busy warehouse quickly find the highest priority orders, giving the warehouse gatekeeper the ability to multi-select and print multiple orders in seconds.

Packman – Allows the person packaging a just picked order to confirm that the order matches what has been picked and record the sale in a couple of keystrokes.

Shipper integration – The shipper, UPS, FedEx or USPS, quickly accesses the ship-to information and shipping method using an order number. The tracking number generated from the shipment goes back into Retail Pro, then is backed up on the website to initiate communication to the customer.

Batch Billing – For those companies not using Packman, Batch Billing can record any number of shipped orders with a couple keystrokes. This is the system The Tiger Shop is using today.

Clemson spirit still reigns supreme at The Tiger Shop, in-store and now online!

About Retail Dimensions, Inc.

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