Case Study: TYLER’S solves key POS & ecommerce issues

Tylers Texas storefront

The genesis of TYLER’S began in 1978 when owner, Dale Grimes, opened a tennis and running gear store in Tyler, Texas. Over 40 years later, 7 stores have been added across Texas which includes a robust website for greater reach. They are known for a product mix consisting of over 350 brands including their iconic TYLER’S Tees that are worn and loved by local Texans and beyond.

TYLER’S Mission – To provide our customers with the best and widest selection in athletic and lifestyle apparel, footwear and accessories. We strive to inspire our customers and employees to pursue an active lifestyle and support our local communities.

Tylers Texas Collage People
TYLER’S: a Texas clothing icon worn & loved by Texans & beyond.

Challenges: latency issues with inventory uploading & product management.

Starting a small single store in the late 70’s and growing over time created challenges moving into the digital era. What once worked for their success rapidly shifted as online retail strength has become key to survival.

“We have already seen at least 20-25% growth from switching to RDi.”

Justin Dermit, Director of Ecommerce, TYLER’S.

TYLER’S had a website in the early 2000’s but it wasn’t exactly ‘Ecommerce ready’ until 2016. Initially, they started working with BigCommerce and Retail Pro but in time, it didn’t seem like a partnership that suited their needs. It wasn’t long before online sales increased, however, what wasn’t understood at the time was that those sales came with unforeseen costs. Once Justin Dermit stepped into the role as Director of Ecommerce in early 2019, he quickly assessed the Ecommerce world he inherited and discovered as sales increased, so did costs. 

There were no controls in place for monitoring profitability. In fact, what was happening on the backend that impacted the budget negatively was a lack of transparency into managing costly workflows. Prior to partnering with RDi, there were many issues getting in the way of their success; latency issues with inventory uploading and product management. They also started having issues with order processing while attempting to build automation between BigCommerce and ShipStation.

Project Objectives

Over nearly a dozen years, Hi Time-Wine has become a loyal client and friend of Retail Dimensions. Hi-Time Wine is a Costa Mesa staple for spirits, wines, beers and more. Founded in 1957, the family-owned cellar grew their success on the basis of top-tier customer service, expertise in their field, and a variety of high-quality products. Brothers Chuck, Fritz, and Harold Hanson have helped run and manage various operations of Hi-Time Wine since it’s conception. In 1985, Hi-Time Wine made the move to a 24,000 square foot location, to accommodate their growing inventory and support the addition of nationwide shipping. They cater to everyone, from the connoisseur to the layman, with caring and knowledgeable staff.

  • Gift Cards – Integrate gift cards between Retail Pro 9 & BigCommerce.
  • Reduce workflow – Maximize sales earnings and reduce costs.
  • Latency issues – Remedy latency issues with inventory uploading, downloading and product management.
  • Simplify integration – Allow for focus on key fundamentals. Marketing and Ecommerce teams work as one, so tools need to be useful to both functional areas.
  • Multiple shipping options – Pivot to multiple shipping options with version 9 of Retail Pro to include Gift card integration, multichannel and soon to be loyalty system integration.
  • Competitive edge – Hone competitive online edge in online sales space to accommodate our expanding product lines for future growth.
Successful integration since 2003. Longer than anyone.

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Solution: RDi – the game changing partner

There had to be a better way to increase sales while reducing behind-the-scenes costs. For over 30 years, TYLER’S had developed a solid working relationship with RetailPro so they knew they needed a partner with a deep understanding of the best way to run a website in coordination with that long standing relationship and Retail Dimensions was the game changing partner they needed. With just a few minor adjustments they significantly cut their workflows, leaving more time for paying attention to their customers, which is their ultimate goal!

Tyler's Texas Cashwrap
RDi helped significantly cut workflows, leaving more time for customers

Results: newer streamlined workflows & +20% growth

Justin Dermit reports that with RDi, their process reduction is huge. With numerous hurdles to jump in the past, the newer streamlined workflows are freeing. With an extensive product catalog, they can more quickly now get products on the site and to their customers. They have already seen at least 20-25% growth from switching to RDi. Additionally, RDi has made communicating with Retail Pro more effective which is another huge time saver for TYLER’S. 

The depth of knowledge RDi has with Retail Pro is invaluable to our integration.

Justin Dermit, Director of Ecommerce, TYLER’S.

Looking ahead to the future: 

TYLERS’ is taking big leaps forward with RDi, Retail Pro and BigCommerce. They plan updating to Retail Pro Prism which offers advantages over their current operational structure and allow for scaling the business with ease. The ultimate goal is to fold Ecommerce into store operations for a breezier CX. These updates will make competing with larger businesses possible once they are able to deploy tactics like BOPIS, Curbside Pickup, Multi Location Inventory online and a cohesive company-wide CRM. 

The downstream effect of successful software integrations can lead to bigger and better -TYLER’S is preparing to open a new distribution center that will allow further growth over the next 2-10 years.

“RDi has been fantastic! The team didn’t just implement the project and call it done. they walked us through all the steps and made sure we knew how everything would work.” The relationship and depth of knowledge Kurt Beeken, RDi President has with Retail Pro is invaluable to our integration. The team at RDi has been responsive every step of the way with detailed plans, training and communication. 

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