How To Bring More Online Shoppers In-Store

5 Ways Brick-and-Click Retailers Can Benefit:

Online shopping is continuing to grow in popularity and traditional retailers with more than one street-side shop, store, or boutique are increasingly becoming online merchants, too. This provides them with a great advantage, as brick-and-click retailers can use the rich data that e-commerce provides to entice online shoppers to visit the their physical stores.

There is a synergy between a retailer’s online and offline sales activity. When shoppers place a “click-and-collect” order online they benefit from the convenience of the transaction and the ability to pick up their merchandise at a local store, often the same day they place their order. The customer’s needs are addressed, with a shorter shopping time and an easy pick-up option that takes them into the physical store for a fast pick-up. The benefits for the are two-fold: Less shipping expensive (no special packaging, no shipping costs) and the opportunities for more sales when the customer arrives at the store.

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Here are 5 benefits to retailers from using click-and-collect:

  1. Increased AddOn Sales: New opportunities arise for add-on sales when customers come to pick up their online order. Personalized service builds rapport with customers and keeps them coming back to the store.
  2. Customer loyalty: Online shoppers that are familiar with a local retailer and value community support are likely to be more loyal. You can treat them better with an integrated loyalty program (encourage them to order online by offering a small discount for click-and-collect).
  3. Good margins: Digital marketing and reward programs may help you sell more without offering deep discounts.
  4. Efficient marketing campaigns: A single ad can be used to promote both an online store and a physical one. As customers order online you can use the data to market to your local physical store (share your store hours, upcoming events, promotions, and an invitation to receive your newsletter).
  5. Effective operations: Employees can fill online orders for pickup during their slow time, when they are not waiting on customers in the physical store.

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